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Old Catalytic lighter - D.R.P / D.R.G.M

Postby CJM » Thu Mar 25, 2021 10:47 am

Hey folks, Im not a ligher collector myself as such, im a collecor of old / interesting items. That said, in my collection i have a lighter which i was hoping someone may be able tor provide me with some information.

With my own research i have come to believe that it is catalytic lighter, early 1900s? (not sure on date). would i be correct in saying the D.R.P D.R.G.M is Deutsches Reichspatent' (German Reich patent) and DRGM means 'Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster' (roughly equivalent to a design copyright) - Information i pulled from wikipedia, this would suggest made in germany i assume.

That said how would i know the manufacturer? it doesnt appear to have any other identification.

Also im curious, i believe it works via soaking the one chamber in methanol (closing lid and allowing gas to build) then inserting the platinum catalyst from the other side into the now created gas chamber creating a reaction which causes ignition? As it looks complete, i would love to try and see if this lighter works. However, as methanol is not that readily available for me i was wondering if an alternate could be used. I believe ethanol or isopropanol works with platinum reaction and these are more readily available, however would it be a bad idea to schange substances if it was previously used with Methanol? Also, i have methylated spirits readily available, would this work as a fuel?

any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Chris



Old Catalytic lighter - D.R.P / D.R.G.M



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