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Welcome on board!

Postby table-lighters » Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:46 pm

Dear All,

Not too long ago in 2010 I have created the Cigarette Lighters Collectors' Forum. Unfortunately after 8 months I gave up - my experience on running a forum was insufficient and I lost the battle with spam bots that flooded the forum with useless advertising posts.

Today I would like to announce the reopening of the forum in a new domain: forum.table-lighters.com.

The forum runs on the newest and probably the best forum software available in the web. Please note that the account activation is done manually by the administrator which means you will have to wait some time for the activation to begin with posting. To make it easier to distinguish a user from a spam bot please motivate your registration in the field 'Activation Justification' which is visible in the registration form.

I hope that this time we will menage to create a fantastic and supportive community. Feel free to post your thoughts and questions.

Best wishes,


Welcome on board!



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